Thursday, January 08, 2009

trains passing...

Do you ever wonder what happened to them? The girl who talked dime to a dozen in class, the one who could make anyone laugh, the teachers who helped shape you and went away, the ones you couldn't stand and vice versa, the peddlar in the train who sold you bangles regularly, the co-passengers who couldn't tolerate your noise thereby making you noisier, that boy you had a crush on... Where did they go?

You meet someone and they make an impression on you even if you don't realize it right away. You will probably never see them again. Some might have moved on to different dimensions. But they remain frozen in your memories. Would you want to meet them again? That could kill those memories. Aren't they safer as they are? Safe to be relived anytime you wish.


Icy Cool said...

I have always wanted to meet those people who have been part of my growing up and stayed in my memory.
Had the opportunity to meet many of them. Have to admit there have been times when that meeting killed that previous sweet memory I had. But then life goes on. There have been instances where I felt it good that that thought or memory is taken out of my system. I am that kind of person who has too many memories clogging my brain. Good to clear some of them out ! hehe


shilpa said...

It is terribly disappointing when you have waited forever to meet someone you have an awesome memory of..and somehow..seeing them now..changes everything!