Thursday, July 14, 2005

Off to Hogwart's

Not too long now. I have pre-ordered the book for Saturday. But I get this email from amazon today saying it might be anytime on Saturday up to 7PM. That is one whole day without Harry. I think I might just go early in the morning to WalMart (am not a night owl) and grab the book off their shelf.

Aakka porathavalukku aara porukkalai!

So here's something to help with the wait. A very easy quiz on encarta!

So any predictions on who is going to die and who is going to be the half-blood?
I have full hopes of seeing Sirius back (some way).

UPDATE (July 15): At 7:20PM EST today, will have an audio of JKR reading from book 6.

JKR's answer to a Q:
So how DO the members of the Order of the Phoenix communicate with each other?
I was surprised that this particular question won the poll, because the answer (as I've already said) can be found in an already-published book (Goblet of Fire), whereas the other two questions related to book six. But perhaps I was influenced by the fact that I knew the other two questions had interesting answers – and, of course, you will shortly know the answers to those questions anyway!

Members of the Order use their Patronuses to communicate with each other. They are the only wizards who know how to use their spirit guardians in this way and they have been taught to do so by Dumbledore (he invented this method of communication). The Patronus is an immensely efficient messenger for several reasons: it is an anti-Dark Arts device, which makes it highly resilient to interference from Dark wizards; it is not hindered by physical barriers; each Patronus is unique and distinctive, so that there is never any doubt which Order member has sent it; nobody else can conjure another person's Patronus, so there is no danger of false messages being passed between Order members; nothing conspicuous needs to be carried by the Order member to create a Patronus.

And, as many of you have deduced, Dumbledore's Patronus is indeed a phoenix.


Balaji said...

so u're gonna have 2 copies at home? so u and daughter can read @ the same time! saw a news item yesterday on some website ready to buy extra copies for $5 from parents who order multiple copies.

any HP parties in your area? i'm planning to go to our local B&N with daughter, though she's too early for HP.

Munimma said...

I don't like crowds. So I am not too keen on the parties. My friends are going, dressed in their finest witchery wear. Plus it is the witching hour, I would have been there if it was at 5:30AM

My daughter is not into big bound books as yet. She has listened to them on tapes though. And I am not sure if this book is age appropriate for her.

My husband has been the one to read the book first, so far. This time, he has been served with an injunction (temp albeit) to wait until I am done. If we get 2, then he gets his copy.

And I think if I hold on to my copies long enough, I might make a fortune out of them, some day...

thennavan said...

I saw LG also blog about this craze with HP. Namma oorule vaikunta ekadasikku perumaal sevikkaradukku midnight lerndu Q-le ninnaa edo punniyam thedikkannu oru arthamaavadu irukku. Edho oru book-kaaga jananga ippadi Bookshops vaasalla devudu kaakkaradhai paarthaa vindhaiyaa irukku :-)

Munimma said...

etho oru bookkunnu saatharanama sollida mudiyathu. Vera entha bookkukku ipdi adithadi nadanthirukku? JKR is a genius.
You got to experience it :-)