Monday, July 11, 2005

Sholay remake?

Rediff carries this article about RGV talking about remaking Sholay. And the big Q is, who would fit the roles today?

For me, no doubts or questions, Aby baby for dad's role. For Dharam, I am not as sure. Someone with a good sense of humor - Uday Chopra may be, but not much of a personality. Govinda (too old) or Sallu or Saif.

And no, not Esha for Basanti. No way! Aishu could do it may be. Gracie Singh could too. (Where is she?) May Rani M too.

For Jaya B's role, Vidya Balan or Bhumika might do.
Ajay Devgan wouldn't be too bad for Sanjeev Kumar's role. Jackie Shroff too.

For Gabbar, Shivaji Shinde probably.

Other choices?


Balaji said...

nice picks... been a long time since i saw sholay. i think sanjeev kumar plays an old man doesnt he? in that case, wouldn't amitabh be great in that role?

Munimma said...

I thought about that. But since he has already done that, he might be out of the running.

Wonder who all would do it in tamil ;-)

Praveen said...

Captain nadippar Dharmendra role-la :D

Ram.C said...

Shah rukh can do that Dharma's role...with his comedy sense

Me too said...

What is this sudden craze for remakes in Bollywood? I read that 'Don' is being remade with Shah Rukh in the lead!

Munimma said...

Welcome Aparna, yes I heard that somewhere. I think it would be good with SRK.