Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sun, Sand and Salty water

A brief hiatus, and I am back. What happened, you ask? After a looong time, got to vacation on the beach. Blue and white, a beautiful sight. Indeed. Anyone not been to the gulf coast yet? Find your next vacation, quick. Sand was white, white, white. The water was warm, salty and choppy. Great, huh? Best was staying right on the beach, a condo that was small but comfortable, though disappointingly, couldn't find one with a gulf view. Shark attacks not withstanding, people were plopping on the waves, but not venturing out far. Early morning walks on the sand, lapping up the waves, a short nap and again walks on the sand. Awesome. But short.

I am planning to start a new thread on my recipe renovations. Things I have discovered that help me eat well, but still lets me stick to my roots. Ever tried oatmeal adai? You won't know the difference. And for my husband, a die-hard fan of adai, it tasted better :-)

Heard about JJ's massive contraband? :-) What else would you call 10,500 sarees, 91 wristwatches, 28 kg jewellery, 41 air conditioners and a high tech bus and nearly 100 pairs of footwear. What did she do with 41 ACs?

Another story is in the making, not sure how long it is going to be. Will post the first part soon.


Arvind said...

another chain short story !... :-) let me await it :-)

Munimma said...

Sorry arvind, this is something I have been meaning to write. All mine ;-) It will appear in parts though.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Oatmeal adaiya? Ummm..interesting and healthy.!

Balaji said...

adhenna gulf coast? florida?

any pics?

Munimma said...

Bals, Will post pix soon and/or email you :-)