Monday, August 29, 2005

Cine Muni

Prashant the evergreen bachelor, is finally tying to knot, under the auspices of the hon. CM of TN. Ash is supposed to attend.

Rajini's Shivaji apparently has a role for a son-in-law. Wonder if real-life s-i-l will get a chance? He apparently reco'd kannada flick Jogi to s-i-l. The movie seems to be creating all kinds of rumors as usual. Shrikant was rumored to be in. Ash might be in it. ARR is definitely in it.

Thankar Bachan, finally removed the foot from his mouth, wonder who is next? Strike success

Namitha plans to really "hog" the screen next. Double roles with Arjun in Markandeya. Scary!

Saadha with Ajit in AVM's production.

Big B might finally do a tamil flick. His khakee is being remade in Tamil with Prashant.

The latest entrant in singing for tamil films is Surya. He plans to do one for his Chennayil oru mazhail kaalam. Aside, that title evokes wonderful nostalgia.

Oru Naal oru kanavu bombs, though the rumor floating around is a sure award for soon-to-be-married Bhava for her rendition of Katril varum geethame...

Gab-tonne is planning to produce his own movies. (Vera vazhi?) It is going to be used to spread his political thoughts. Well, at least no more of his movies on Sun TV :-) But he is really going to be a Gab-tonne, That is a scary prospect. And if he (God forbid) becomes the CM, watching those movies might become a necessary condition to live in TN! :-P


Kaps said...

Who is gabtone?

Happened to listen to an interview with AVM Saravanan yesterday. He claims that the media is writing all rubbish and Rajini has asked him not to issue any rebuttal statements.

Although he accepted that ARR will be the MD....he said that nothing has been finalized about the heroine and other star cast. Shankar has apparently gone off to an undisclosed location to work on the one line story which he had told Rajini.

Kaps said...

BTW who is Bhavarathini gonna marry? don't remember reading about it anywhere. hence thought of asking the Cini Muni.

Munimma said...

Bhava's fiance is from Madurai. His brother worked with Bhava's bro (ad/marketing gig). I will get more details later.

Arvind said...

gabtonne - is captain - Damil dhalaivar !