Thursday, August 04, 2005

kodambakkam pakkam has an article on Sruti Kamalhassan getting into modeling. She sure looks tall enough for that. Soundarya Rajinikanth is into special effects (Chandramuzhi was her work). Talking about Chandramuzhi's s.e., I think they went a bit far when they did kungfu style wired fight sequences. And Prabhu's wig was almost natural looking. I guess a lot of that movie's budget must have gone to making the main men look young ;-)

Now look at these 2 (super) daughters. Soundarya looks very pretty (lakshanam as we say), Sruti though cute, isn't a beauty. has a review of Sathayaraj's Englishkaran. That man is the undisputed master of lolluvism. Should be a good entertainer.

Daas is apparently a hit in the making. Remake Ravi is going to renamed Raasiyaana Ravi ;-)

Kiran's thoppai seems to have jumped (koodu vittu koodu). Namitha sports it these days.

And looks like Surya is sporting a wig these days, not a bad one. I heard he had to shave his head for a recent movie.

Seems to be mottai season in Kollywood, with Sarath giving company.

oor vambu - vera enna, adds masala to the morning cuppa.


Arvind said...

"And Prabhu's wig was almost natural looking"

Hats-off =d>

Balaji said...

"I guess a lot of that movie's budget must have gone to making the main men look young ;-)"
so said the mistress of lolluvism :)

Munimma said...

ain't it true though ;-) eh, bals?

Ram.C said...

as you said, nameetha has reached the dangerous level already.. I believe she is seeing the doors to get out of the industry soon. anyhow, young heroes are not signing her....

Fathima said...
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Fathima said...

Daas - a hit??????????????????????
I heard my friends saying, they wudn't go even if somebody else paid for the ticket