Tuesday, August 02, 2005

HP - What to expect now?

Now that we have 3 years for the next and final book, the best thing to do is to chew on what we know so far and lay forth possibilities and assumptions. If you have not read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince and plan on doing so, stop right here. If not, continue reading.

The chapter on Spinner's End is of special significance. That is the reason for what happens in the last few chapters. Was Snape caught in the snare by Narcissa (name is a clue?) and Bellatrix? Or did he really know what it was all about? Or was he using legilimency to go along with them? And why was wormtail living with him? Assuming he went along with the flow and promised to help Malfoy, did he then recount the whole deal to Dumby? That makes sense coz Dumby believed in him strongly. And it doesn't make sense that he would trust someone so much only to be let down.

And when Hagrid says he overheard Snape and Dumby, it was probably Dumby wanting Snape to go through with it and Snape not wanting to do it. So chances are Dumby really died, fully knowing what was going on, or he pretended to die.

We don't know what he drank in the cave. When he came back, he wanted to see Snape. May be he knew what was going on. And when Snape used the unforgivable curse on him, did he really mean it. Because, remember in The Order..., Bellatrix tells Harry that the curse can work only if you mean it. So, what if Snape didn't mean it. He still did his share for the Unbreakable Vow, but Dumby somehow acted dead (remember the draught of the living death) and why would he do that weird acrobatics before falling down. And how come Fawkes didn't come to save him?

Fawkes' lament is supposed to heal, so who does it work on? What happened to Fenrir Greyback at the end? When Dumby is laid out, and the body catches fire, Harry thinks he saw a phoenix shape fly away. Significant, may be?

But Dumby's picture is on the wall. Does that mean he is dead? or he is no longer the principal?

RAB is probably Regulus Black, if so then the locket at Grimmault Place is the real one? Remember when they cleaned the place, they found a locket that they could not open.

The DADA post is cursed by Voldemort. What is the significance? Could Hogwarts be the place for the final climax? Harry is heading back to Godric's Hollow? Could there be a horcrux there? Some say Harry might have a horcrux in his scar. Which makes a bit of sense, the connection between the two being a side-effect.

Too many questions. We are going to have hundreds of theories, all worth reading.
So, time for a second reading and then back to square one, just to make sure I haven't missed any clues.


Harish said...

first things first.. Dumbledore is dead. no matter how much we want him to come back!
only dead headmasters have their portraits on the wall. So that's proof enough. I'm curious to know where the other Dumbledore portrait will be hung.

I don't think Snape is necessarily evil. He might be crooked, selfish and greedy.. but I don't think he deserves the term evil. For all u know, he might have killed Dumbledore only to save his own life. Point to note: He saved Harry twice during his escape from Hogwarts. (he might have said Harry belongs only to the Dark Lord, but that might have only been a ruse)

Fawkes can only heal. Not bring back ppl to life!

RAB = Regulus Black. That's my guess too! Spot on! :) esply abt that locket.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I stopped 'right there'. Planning to buy the book soon.!

viji said...

muniamma... anda book padikarthuku badhila naa unga blog e padichikren :)

Munimma said...

harish, We are just throwing up various theories.
If Dumby comes back, I won't be surprised ;-) check out the website dumbledoreisnotdead.com, interesting args there.

viji - no shortcuts - nothing equals reading those books.

b a l a j i said...

awesome munimma.Ivalavu deep analysis-aa.

Although its hard to digest that dumbledore is dead, I think he is gone forever.

And a nice guess in thinking that his scar might be a horcrux.