Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beam me up, scotty!

Not so easy! supposedly the third most traumatic event(after death and divorce)!
I am a middling pack rat, but hubby beats me hands down. Nothing is disposed, even t-shirts belonging to the last decade. I have to resort to underhanded techniques. Once they are bagged, they are irretrievable. Although he seems to have this antenna about such things. One throw-away is replaced by 5 newbies. We don't realize how much we end up collecting over 10 years. So most of my time nowadays is spent in load reduction.

Then there is the 4-year old who loves digging into packed boxes and scattering them around the house. Almost funny, but not!

The emotional quotient has not hit me yet. 9 years in 1 house, laying down roots, making friends, learning to feel at home, learning to start afresh, traumatic yes, but I am not feeling anything yet. I hope it doesn't hit me all at once. Sometimes I think that my feeling got numbed down from past events. Or may be I am too busy to stop and smell the roses. Which could be a good thing in this instance.

Exciting nontheless!


Altoid said...

Feeling uprooted?

Argh, tell me about packing and moving! It takes a while for it all to sink in, but when it does its like dam gates opening up- the deluge is overwhelming.

Not to scare you or anything, have a safe and successful move!

rads said...

It's a scary thing Muni. Not relocation but more on packing. I can only imagine the scene.
On the flip side, think of all the 'cultural events' you'd be part of! :)

Me too said...

"most of my time nowadays is spent in load reduction" - tell me about it!!

Moving does bring out mixed feelings! I realised the impact that moving has made on my daughter when recently I told her that she could try out something when she is a little bigger and she retorted, 'will we still be here for me to try it out?'!!

Munimma said...

Thanks, Altoid.

Rads, flip I hope :-)

me too, I guess a bit of insecurity creeps in. So far, my kids are a little bit excited, since they will be moving closer to cousins, but the older one did say she 'might' miss some of her friends. They are young and time heals.

Uppili said...

Moving ? how come I was not informed? moving about 650 miles NE of your place ?

Looks like you have hit the middle age (or even old age..;) the sign is when you have filled your 4 BR house with stuff from the past decade.

Anyway good luck in your new place.