Thursday, July 05, 2007

The bond, a mute, a rat, mumbai and intrigue

Finally caught up with some good movies.

Daniel Craig, contrary to my reservations, was a good bond. Not Sean Connery good, but close. Considering how unbondish he was.

I go with the majority and aver that mozhi is one great movie to watch. Prakash Raj seemed to shine stronger than the rest. And that prof ("athimber") did good too. RadhaMohan has this knack of treating simple stories with elan.

Watched Ratatouille yesterday at the movies. It was an okay movie, animation was great.

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was a good idea that went wrong at execution. Aby Jr does a great job of a Southall punju, (apparently that is very real life acc. to someone familiar with that place). Lara Dutta cussing away to glory, was impressive. Didn't realize she had it in her. Preity Z was the only one that I found not endearing. Even Bobby D (Shudder) has done a good job as Sateeve. Liked the humor, although the Sutradhar didn't seem to really thread them that well. That j-b-j song sticks to your brain like a leech, it is good though.

Read Baldacci's Simple Genius. A lot of "human treatment" for a thriller, made it better. It is in his usual turf, which he writes best. Political controversies or policies, as he puts it, mixed with murders, spies and codes makes an interesting read.

Sometime back, got a chance to read Vikram Chandra's Sacred Games when it was featured on my library's quick pick list. This was my first V.C. novel and I am very much impressed with this book. It reads like a underworld movie (a la Company), and for a few days, there was a weird hangover from the book. I kept remembering all the cuss words used in that book. Quite liberally used by Gaitonde and crew. Inspector Sartaj was one of my favorite characters. Highly recommended. I have put down V.C. as one of my favorite writers and will catch up with his earlier works soon. He seems to be one tech-savvy guy, read somewhere that he uses an elaborate project management software to keep his characters and threads in the right perspective.

Right after finishing that one, read the Sepia Mutiny sponsored Maximum City by Suketu Mehta. It was a well researched book, but the writing style was not as impressive. It seemed to not flow that well, jumping all over mumbai.

Now all I have to do is wait for THE movie and THE book (HP).

All this, while trying to pack up and move to a colder zone. Not fun, I tell you!


rads said...

I liked Daniel Craig for himself, not as Bond.

JBJ and Kiss of love songs are stuck in my head :(

VC comes highly recommended. Still need to find time to sit with him.

most importantly, what's this packing? where where? Mail me :)

upsilamba said...

jee gal, was all of the above accomplished in a week?!

and yeah, pack and unpack, no fun - I tell ya. Had to move 3 times in one year a long time ago. For a long time, I dreamt of packing peanuts :-)

Munimma said...

upsi - not in 1 week. The last couple or so. packing peanuts? :-)

Me too said...

Life-le munneritte vareenga(from FL and up and up!)! Good luck with the move!

upsilamba said...

no no muni,
not packing the peanuts. but packing-peanuts, the ones we get so breakables won't break. see what I am saying? the ones made of thermocol.
got me?

Munimma said...

ha ha! I didn't know they were called so! I love bubble wrap and we are all looking forward to stress relieving sessions after the move.

Thanks, me too!