Friday, July 13, 2007

I saw it, I did, I did! (aka kanden kanden)

I wanted to catch it the first day, but for some reason didn't think of advance purchase. Hubby went to get the tickets and they were sold out, so he bought them for the next day - yesterday's evening show. We were in the hall 40 minutes before the show since someone had warned us the first day was crowded and good seats were hard to find. My older girl counted 9 people in the hall. But the hall did fill up eventually. So anyways, we waited it out and got to see one of the most awaited movies of the year - HP and OP. Was it good!

I have to say this. Considering the length of the book, the movie was a decent adaptation. There were some places that I felt could have been done better. One especially was Harry's hearing at the ministry. The book's version was more tension-filled and had more drama.

I really wanted to see the puddle that the weasley twins left, but they didn't show it. The final confrontation was very well done. The toad's character missed a few 'ahems'. Am I the only one who finds Emma W. lacking in the histrionics department? There was so much depth to the characters in the book, which was, not surprisingly, lacking in the movie.

But the special effects were worth it! Grawp was done well, as were the thestrals, although the kids' fear of the unseen should have been seen by us. There was a bit of license taken since Chang's friend didn't figure in the movie. The one who rats - can't remember her name. 12, Grimmault Place was not alive as depicted in the book. A little disappointing there.

It was more like a gist of the book. If you want the real deal, you have to read it! (And the rest of the real deal is a week away, yay!) See it for the visual effects and because it is a phenomenon not to be missed.


rads said...

ooo, like your review! I packed my kids off 2 days ago into the theater, and since I threatened them not to breathe a word to me, they are being quite closed with the details and such :)

A book beats a movie. Always :)

Krish Ashok said...

Goody. Watching it tomorrow at Satyam. For some strange reason, I have never read the Potter books. Possibly because of my unhealthy obsession with advanced sci-fi/fantasy books by GRR Martin, Tolkien etc.

kiwilax said...

Munimma: Snap - if I'd had the time and inclination to do a HP review, would have been almost the same as yours.
Can't wait for the book...7!