Monday, July 23, 2007

A Magical Weekend

I did manage to attend the midnight mela at a books-a-million store to pick up my pre-ordered HP finale. I managed to read around 35 pages right away (I wish I had taken my book light with me). Most of the weekend was spent with Harry and was it wonderful!

The book didn't disappoint me. Almost! Some of my guesses turned out alright. JKR managed to tie up a lot of loose ends. Considering it was no trifling task, she did a wonderful job. This was the only way it could have ended. I will have to read it again soon to absorb it completely. One thing though, the series started out as a children's tale, but this last one is definitely PG-13, to say the least. Some of the expletives used are not appropriate for the young 'uns.

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read further if you haven't read the book.

The book gets into the battle quick enough with the airstrike. That polyjuice episode was a stroke of genius. The death that happens is unexpected but not nearly gut-wrenching as others. There is a lot of movement in the story. The pedantic three hunt for the horcruxes and in the course, we learn the stories behind the story. Kreacher's redemption was created nicely. One of my favorite parts in the book. Pettigrew's death, which we all anticipated, lacked a bit of drama. The Malfoys acted true to character to the very end. Neville grows into his character, turning from a scar(r)ed young boy into a confident leader. We never learn anything about Potter's paternal ancestors. Petunia's sour grapes was also something I had guessed. Prof Trelawney's little part in the battle was great. The battle was well choregraphed and it was gripping.

The real hero, of course, was Snape, as I had guessed and hoped. But got to say, that the end didn't fit the hero. Ultimately, those who loved, triumphed. Dumbledore's shades of grey, was surprising, but explained a lot.

If there was one thing that was disappointing in the book, it was the epilogue. There is nothing about what they end up doing after such an exciting teenage life. I would have liked to know more about Luna, the rest of the Weasleys, and the house-elves. Prof McG didn't show up much. Did she become the head of Hogwarts?

Was the crying baby voldemort?

Wasn't there someone who would do magic late in life?

I am hoping that in subsequent interviews and FAQs she will answer the few remaining questions.


maverick said...

im hearing mixed reviews abt the book, gotta read to know

Munimma said...

whatever the reviews, it is worth a read. Multiple ones actually, for me.

The Pilgrim said...

Finally finished reading, What a masala book it was!