Monday, September 12, 2005

Cine Muni - 2

Big news in recent times is Rajini's Sivaji, the latest being Ayesha Takia is doing the female lead. What happened to Rani then?

While on Rajini, he attended Paramasivan's poojai, starring Ajith helmed by P.Vasu. Since PV is R's current best friend, the spontaneous visit was quite welcomed. And he has advised son-in-law to open a restaurant. Smart move!

Thotti Jaya has been reviewed as a must-see!

Nila of Ah aah, is touted as the next Simran. Anyone noticed her muzhu-nila-like thoppai. How can she be so skinny and yet have a well rounded middle? And someone needs to make sure that SJS has his hands tied securely when he talks! He waves it much faster than Rajini ever did :-)

Gab-tonne is everywhere. vellaiyum solliyuma, announcing no drunkards can enter his maanaadu. So how does his eyes get so red-rimmed?

Maniratnam is on his way to Hollywood!

Surya in Jo's home production! Should we read between the lines?

For classical dance enthusiasts, a movie to look out for is Shringaram. It is based on devadasis of old times.


Arvind said...

"Surya in Jo's Home production..." - What exactly are they planning on producing :p ????


Harish said...

LOL@ arvind :)

Nila looks great! aana suttu potaalum nadikka varaadhu!

Balaji said...

'thotti jaya' definitely must-see elaam illa. i think ppl had low expectations since it was a simbhu film and since it turned out to be ok, are praising it to the skies!

thennavan said...

Ram-oda cine news kodukkaradhula potti podareenga pola irukku


Munimma said...

Balaji, notice ! after that sentence :-) Acc. to me any Chimp movie is a must-not-see, although I *might* make a concession for Manmadhan, eventually.

Munimma said...

harish, you are currently out of focus, so I will ignore your comment for now ;-)

Munimma said...

arvind, itha avangala kettu thaan sollanum. aana, RGV is co-producing ;-^

thennavan, just adding my pov

Arvind said...



Kurumbu konjam jasthi ungalukku ;)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks for the Kalkandu style report....!!

I have to watch the heroine of ah..aah.!! Interesting observation.!

Ram.C said...

For the Cini-Mini blogger,
this post related to JO's new venture and this post related to ARR's association with Sivaji & Ah Aah - might be interesting.. enjoy the weekend.