Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cine muni - 4

Vettaiyadu Vilayadu seems to jinxed. The movie again came to a standstill due to lack of funds. Now Oscar Ravichandran has bought it (on Kamal's reco) and plans to reinvent it, meaning rename it. At least it is following the current trend - renaming :-)

Chimp is looking for English tongues to dub his manmathan for Hollywood. Anyone game? :-)

June R hero is again Biju Menon. What is Surya's cameo then?
Update: Acc. to my latest kumudam/AV mag, Surya is R in June R.

Anbey vaa is coming back. Supposed to be a rib-tickler with a message. Now wait for the MGR fan group to raise their voice against the name

Amitabh and Jaya Pradha in Police with Prashant, supposedly a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu. She looked good in salangai oli. And then she moved to hindi and starting acting in mystery movies. She used a whole box of pancake makeup everytime that it was a mystery how anyone identified her.

Thalavattam (Mohanlal in one of his best) in its hindi avatar, kyon ki (shirtless star) is ready for release.

Something to snatch your sleep away: village king is back as hero of Madurai Thangam.


Me too said...

White house correspondent, war correspondent maadhiri neenga Cine news correspondent aagiteengala?

What is this latest trend with Hindi, Tamil movies going back(angeyirundhu dhaane vandhadhu!) to be made in Hollywood??

Munimma said...

Life is a vicious cycle ;-)

correspondent illai, Jon Stewart pidikkum :-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Village King Rama Rajan - I read about him and his pathetic life. He rose for nothing to a celebrity now he is back to square 1. I wish him good luck, though I hate to see him as a hero in movies.!!

Thalavattam Lal - Wish him good luck too. IMHO one of the best actors it he industry today. Didn't click outside Malayalam.

Jayapradha - My dream girl in my teens. One of the best faces in front of the camera. Salangai Oli was a masterpiece. With her luck.!

Anbe vaa - I have been seeing this trend in Hindi Movies..and now its caught up in Tamil. I like the idea...!! Why not.!!

Manmathan in Hollywood - LOL :)

Vettayadu V - Didn't know this.!!

Dubukku said...

first timer here..kalkareenga..

Chimp in hollywood...ada kashta kalameee...

Jayapradha - Salangai Oli - I liked Kamal& Jayapradha combination she was absltly gorgeous

About your prevs. post on wife has the same problems. She has started her classes in now but all her peers are atleast 10 to 15yrs younger to her :)