Monday, September 19, 2005

Cini Muni - 3

Kamal is in the news a lot lately. His next one, Dasavatharam helmed by K.S.Ravikumar sounds promising. 5 heroines for 5 Kamals, the other 5 Kamals will be single. Asin and Vidya Balan (Parineeta) are confirmed. Search is on for the other 3. Since the trend is to rename all movies, this should probably be renamed to 10 Kamals and 5 heroines.

Talking about films being renamed, Jayaram and Pandiyarajan are doing one together, pillayarpettaiyum kandu vattiyum, initially named pillayarpattiyum kandu vattiyum. Another one that might be renamed is thiruvilayadal starring the going-nowhere-tho-I-am_Super's-SIL Dhanush. Whatever happened to democracy and free country?

Heavyweight N. threatens that she has lost a few inches.Does it make a difference?

So for the next elections, Rajini is supporting Gab-tonne's DMDK?

Never-say-die hero Ajith's Paramasivam has never-say-die heroine, Laila.

JuneR Jo's new film, has Surya as the hero, but it is just a one-act show.

Meena too joins the small screen brigade with a quiz show on Jaya TV. And Devayani won a best actress award for Kolangal.

Seems like Kanda naal muthal is one to watch out for. And one of the guys in that, Karthik Kumar ( he ponn parthufies Shalini in Alaipayuthe) is Radio Mirchi's Ms.S's fiance.

SJS should title his next movie ulley veliye and base it in a prison ;-)


Kaps said...

do u believe N has lost few inches? should be the joke of the year.

Munimma said...

even if she did, a few inches might not be enough ;-P

Harish said...

She must have lost it while she prepared for her role in Englishkaaran.. Athlete-aam, talk about a spoof in a spoof!

and yeah, kadaisee line.. good one! :)

Balaji said...

andha jayaram-pandiarajan padam before and after names samea iruke? typo?

read somewhere that the guy in june r is malayali actor biju menon.

Thulasi said...

ar rahman will do music for deshavatharam and shankar's new rajni movie shivaaji.great news .

Kaps said...

I also noticed that...i remember seeing the name "Pillaiyarpattiyum Kandhuvattiyum" somewhere.

Munimma said...

Balaji yes typo, Kaps got it. I too read Biju Menon earlier.