Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ungal vote-u...

TN politics is undergoing (hope it is) a major change. Assuming no kootanis are formed (big assumption), who would you vote for?

1. oor sothu en sothu
2. oozhal samrajyam
3. gab-tonne
4. peraa maathu, cinema hitler.
5. Other - Specify

Hope keeps the world going!!


Kaps said...

How come Point #2 changed between what I read in Bloglines feedreader and what I read on your blog? Scared of inflicting any serious damage?

each one is equally bad. not sure about No. 3 though.
4 will tie up with 2 (75%) or 1 (25%).
who is not corrupt these days. hence the oozhal samrajyam will apply to everybody.

the other qn is who will the heir in 2.

Munimma said...

2. sounds better this way, so changed it. And they kind of lead the pack in this area ;-)

yes, 4 cannot stand on his own legs ;-P

3 is unknown and in this case, an unknown may be preferred to all the known devils ;-)

Harish said...

en voter id first en kai-ku kidaikattum!! :)

Balaji said...

yep, unknown whatever preferrable to known whatevers :-)