Friday, June 03, 2005

Bollywood Buzz

Got a pleasant surprise when I went to the yahoo website. The search box had Aishu's pix. Clicked on it and it brought me here.

While on that, heard another news/rumor that Hrithik Roshan will be doing Rambo's adopted son role in the next Rambo. He is to be an American-Afghan boy. Wonder if this is true? That will be good. So will he be dancing in that one too? :-) Well, he does dance well.

Rediff has Vipul Shah's top ten movies today. Should say, that is a much better list than Ghai's.

Saw Bunty aur Babli day before yest. A good entertainer. Songs are good by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Talented trio! Kajra re is a foot tapping and visually appealing (especially for the drooling hombres on not just the front benches) number. But then, a part of me is thinking, Aish is down to doing item numbers a la Jayamalini and gang of yesteryears ;-) Amitabh does a rap number at the end with the credits rolling. You got to see it :-D I have always like Abhishek B, and he has done a good job here. Rani M was bordering on slutty in that Balle Balle Sunday ke Sunday song. I mean, you can be stingy about your dress, but there is a thin line that you shouldn't cross. She does act well though. Especially that scene when she starts howling/wailing. There is great chemistry between the lead pair. Makes you wonder ;-)

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