Friday, June 10, 2005

Paeru porutham

I am sure many of you have heard this joke:
leg spinnerkku ponnu porantha enna paer vaipaanga?
Bala Thirupura Sundari

So how many other names can we think of like that? I had collected a huge list some time back and lost it. Here is what I remember:

Dandapani - vettiya eppavum mappula irupavan
Azhagappan - plain jane's dad
muzhumathi - fat person
kesavan - lawyer
raman - salad virumbi
karmegam - car mechanic (car may come)
sindhu - constantly stuffed nose
Nidhi - eternally under debt
sengamalam - constipated
Prakash - electrician
Gopal - MilkMan
Charulatha - works in a fruit juice factory
Chakrapani - water lorry driver
Ramya - thanni party
Mallika - pookaari
Hari - avasara kudukkai
Harsha - rude guy
Anjappan - bayanthaangoli
Pandiyan - Pawn broker
Gnanam - person with low IQ
PeriyaNambi - big sucker
Nedumaaran - tall fella
Pallavan/Pallavi - prominent front teeth
Subramani - someone who sucks his thumb
Ranjeet - always wins running races
Jumbulingam - high jump winner
Vishal - big guy
Sanjay /Saira - cannot stand straight
Anupama - guard in temples, who is always pushing people forward.


VC said...

Quite funny. Haven't seen these before.

Kaps said...

ROTFL. I hope bloggers like Chakra and Ramya don't take offence.

Ram.C said...

I liked 'Jambulingam'...... too good.. LOL

VC said...

I remember seeing a water lorry in Chennai with the name Venkata-jalam.

thennavan said...

Sorry couldn't help this but hey, it's only your online handle and nothing derogatory. So, here goes:

MUNImma - saintly woman!


ioiio said...

kadiyo kadi marana kadi

Praveen said...

LOL@Sengamalam :-)))))

Super :)

VC said...

hey thennavan, maybe the origin of munimma is what you have described......
probably for Vishal (big guy) is also the same.......
Chakarapani can also be the nickname for someone like Shoaib Chuck-ter, I mean Akhtar........

Munimma said...

Thennavan, I prefer to think munimma = St.Mom although my kids might disagree ;-)

I probably should have written it the other way, the description = name. But all's fair in jest ;-^

Anjali said...

Jambulingam is hte best munima

Twin-Gemini said...

Aiy! Kalakkala Irrukku! :-)

Chakra Sampath said...

Incidentally I find both mine & my wife's name in the list.. think its a coincidence that the names are listed next to each other.

Villain said...
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Villain said...

ramya is the best, now my elder sister is gonna kill me

Has to be me said...

Hey those were more add ons....(no offence to any of them)

Savitha - key holder
Vani - Welcomer
Rashmi - always in a hurry
Indu - Newspaper
Pushpa - move over
Geetha - nei vaynum
Hema - His mom
Jaya - The jealous one
Sushil - Ill chap
Balu - Loose motion
Gopi - desire to pee
Priyamvada - favourite snack