Wednesday, June 08, 2005

He didn't want to be left behind

Was listening to songs from Oru Naal oru kanavu. Looking at the list of singers, I wondered if it was indeed a tamil album. Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal have taken over most of it. Hariharan gets one, but he is a Bombayya anyway! Sonu Nigam has joined the crowd now. What is happening here!!!


thennavan said...

Maybe Karunanidhi is after all right about "Hindi imposition" all along :-)

VC said...

Munimma (I like that name),
Two things happening here.
1. Singers from all over India are starting to realize the impact of TFM and want to be part of it.
2. People (I am one of them) are also enjoying the variations (euphemism for thamizh-kolai) provided by these non-Tamilian singers.
I still enjoy the SPB-Udit Narayan duet/duel in Kaadhalan.

Nice blog. Keep writing.
BTW, what does 'bunkum verbosa' mean?

Munimma said...

Thennavan, I vehemently disagree on principle ;-) politician and right? nevvver! (remember Archana Joglekar's ad shaadi aur tumse, kabhi nahin?)

Thanks VC

Bunkum - nonsense
verbosa - kind of my deviant on verbose ;-)

UditN is one of those overhyped singers. Gimme Shankar M any day :-) He is good even when he sings live, Hindi or Tamil. Kavitha Krishnamurthy being another of those. Sujatha live is unsahikkable and unporukkable, although I have enjoyed her songs in albums (best is the one in Pukar).

Twin-Gemini said...

Actually I thought, Sonu Nigam has sung the songs quite well. His pronunciation although not exact is quite ok for a beginner. And this and the other recent movie by Illayaraja makes me feel that he is making a come back after the really disappointing music in Mumbai Express and most of the songs in Virumandi.