Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cosmic Clues

As mentioned earlier, I am in the middle of this book called Cosmic Clues, a detective fiction by Manjiri Prabhu. It is based in Pune and is a good read. The narrative sometimes is artificial, using words not found in common practice. But then, we Indians tend to use such words, probably we are the only country that still does it may be :-)

Anyway, if you ignore those things, the book is enjoyable. If you are a whodunnit fan, then do read it. The detective (a female ) combines her knowledge of criminal psychology and vedic astrology. Interesting to say the least and doesn't seem too improbable for its locale.

Talking about astrology, I came across this sani peyarchi predictions blog today. If you can read tamil, do check it out. Very useful ;-)

My mom had been talking about this for sometime, something about my nalla kaalam porakirathu because of this. I am not fully taken by all this, but it is nice to think that good times are upon us. I guess I tend to believe the positive tales ;-)

My husband is interested in such stuff, but it is hard to find someone who can give accurate predictions. Having watched chidambara rahasiyam avidly, he tried to check one out, just out of curiosity. The guy he went to was a quack for sure.

I know of one person who has been on the mark quite a few times. He predicted girls for me during both my pregnancies, and he prophesied that we were going to have a baby, barely a week after we found out.

So I am not completely ready to disbelieve what the stars foretell. And as Firenze would say, it is not that easy to predict the future.


Arvind said...

the predictions were very nice ;p and as always, not that different amongst all rasis lol.

reg the may want to checkup whether unga medical records ellam ozhunga maintain panrangalunu ;-) (no offense)

None said...

hmmm... munimma! first time here... kinda love that name!
and yes, re:sani peyarchi, well, my husband believes so muhc in these things, i'm afraid i have developped a cursory interest too! it's fun, actually!
hey, and nice blog!


Ram.C said...

it is not wise to always believe predictions.. but if one is under stress mentally, some positive news are good to hear. That's how I take it.

vasanthi emmanuel said...

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Anonymous said...

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