Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tamil movie meme

With all the different tagging going on, Balaji had to start his own. Pothathukku, ennayum tag pannirukkaan!
So here goes, my list. If I think some more, I might come up with a different list probably. But for now, this is it.

1. Mouna ragam - saw it 10 or more times and loved it everytime, satisfies the romantic in me.
2a. Puthumai Penn - I like strong and silent women characters.
2b. Vetham Puthithu - Especially for the last scene.
3. Raja Paarvai - Loved everything about this movie - it reminds me of rain and violins
4. Nadigan - one of the best lollu movies.
5. 6 to 60 and kai kodukkum kai - I club these 2 together, Rajini as an actor, not a star.
6. Moonram Pirai - my 2 favorites
7. Vanchikottai Vaaliban - Mainly for that dance, Padmini and VaijayanthiMala - sabaash, sariyaana poati.
8. Michael Mathana Kamarajan and Tenaali Two of the best comedies IM(not so)HO
9. Mugavari - Good no-nonsense movie with great songs
10. Kaathalikka Neramillai full of vintage fun

Salangai oli is a favorite, along with sippikkul muthu - but those would be in my fave telugu list :-)
Nayagan is a fave too, but since it is a much hackneyed listing, I skipped it here. Other movies that I liked - Anbe va, Hey Ram, Friends, Sethu, dhool, samy, Vaali, Ilamai Oonjaladugirathu, ninaithaale inikkum, Kshathriyan, varumaiyin niram sivappu, man vaasanai, vaazhvey maayam, and countless more.

So my turn to tag a few:



Kaps said...

Thanks for tagging me. These tags are speading faster than email viruses. I already have a backlog of the Book Tag and the personal Tag.....will put this one up by this weekend.

Ram.C said...

Another one... but on my passionate topic... let me work it out....