Wednesday, June 01, 2005

overloaded and overwhelmed

Too much to do and too little time. That has become the catchphrase of my life. I need an extra 2 hours every day. appo kooda pathaathu pola irukku. Intha azhagula netflix dvd kitta thatta oru vaarama ennoda kitchen counterla waiting. Hmm! Thalaiya pichukkalaam pola irukku.
This last phrase is so familiar to most of us. Do you know one word to describe that feeling. It is trichotillomania! Interesting, isn't it? The spelling bee is going on and this was one of the words chosen.
Where do they get hold of these words? Is there a special dictionary for bizarre and arcane words such as this?
Anyway, back to me, :-). I want to find some time to write out this screenplay/story that is going on in my mind. Will blog it soon. I am thinking it would suit Rajini quite well :-D (I am not a Rajini fan, except for 6 to 60). I know this will go nowhere, except in my imaginary world and may be here. But still, it is a lot of fun.

So, if you had all the time in the world, what would you do?
Me - write fiction, become an accomplished dancer and Veena player (well, at the rate I do now, I will be 60 before I get there), try my hand at carpentry, get some interior projects done, read a LOT - to name a few. Gosh, I don't think this world is enough!


Balaji said...

though a minor thing, that 'netflix dvd lying on kitchen counter' is something that has several times made me realise how out of time i am too :) screenplay sounds interesting. can't wait!

Ram.C said...

while writing the screenplay for Rajini, pl. ensure that he doesn't smoke in the film...

Ram.C said...
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thennavan said...

Velai velai melai velai
Aambalaikkum velai
Pombalaikkum velai
Pombalaiyaa pona aambalaikkum velai
Velai velai melai velai
Eththanaiyo velai
Eppavume velai...


(my post was a similar one too, to the one before the current one)

Arvind said...

6 to 60 nu sonnadhu, veena kathukarthukka ! :-?